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When it comes to tertiary level education, few nations on earth attract the academic respect and imagination as Canada. Names such as McGill, UBC, Montreal, U of T and Queens have become global education brands which have led the way for generations. Canadian universities offer local and international students world class education admist a vibrant and technologically modern environment. 

As the second largest country in the world by land area, Canada is sandwiched by the mighy Pacific and formidable Atlantic oceans. It stretche  from the North pole to the border of USA  produces a diverse range of climates across over four seasons. Universities are found primarily in coastal cities such as Vancouver and Halifax, or far north such as Montreal or closer to the American border, McMaster, Trent University of Windsor whose neighbour is Detroit or sitting by the edge of lakes, such as U of Toronto and Queens.

Despite having a population( 35 million)  of only 10% that of its southern neighbour, Canada's contribution to the world in Sciene and Technology cannot be ignored This can be seen by the disproportinally high number of Nobel prize winners orginating from Canada.